Pero Maestro skinner  bart estaba sordo.
-si y aqui esta bart el ciego,bart el invalido,bart el embarazado,bart con un clavo enla frente
ñflsdkaflña amo ese capitulo

ॐ Goodnight all our amazing Ohm Boho followers. Hope you had a wonderful weekend! ॐ #ohmboho #jewellery #jewelry #yingyang #mandala #tiedye #peace #spiritual #boho #bohemian #hippy #hippie #ethnic
iamjameslewis said: Hey I'm James Lewis, and I'm a musician also. I didn't want to be rude and just put some random URL in your inbox lol, but I thought it would be cool, to taking the time and asking if you wouldn't mind checking my music out on my page!!

i always appreciate who wants to share music :))

"A veces todo, a veces nada."
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